Panel 14


  1. Murderous seas, ocker nationalism and willing Asian workers: the Australian news media’s depiction of Vietnamese refugees in the late 1970s [Max Walden]
  2. From transit country to regional leader: Indonesia’s role in the search for a  regional cooperation framework on displacement’ [Madeline Gleeson]
  3. Islam, civil society, and refugee: examining the role of Islam in civil society’s response to refugee issue in Indonesia [Wirya Adiwena]
  4. Acehnese Refugee Wellbeing in the United States: Sense of Belonging, Identity, and Ecological Systems of Support [Fairuziana Humam Hamid  & Holly Angelique]
  5. Permanent makeshift? Asylum seekers’ temporary accommodation outside detention centers in Indonesia [Antje Missbach]
  6. In search of God?: The politics of conversion among Hazara and Iranian refugees in Jakarta [Danau Tanu]
  7. Self Empowerment While in a Transit: The case of Hazara asylum seekers in Cisarua, West Java [Selly Riawanti]
  8. Building community against the odds: The case of refugees in post-reformasi Indonesia [Thomas Brown]
  9. Free as a Butterfly: The aspirations of young women in the Hazara refugee community to gain their space of articulation in Cisarua, Indonesia [Realisa D. Masardi]