15.5. Drinking Alcohol = Crime?

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Create Date 10 January 2017
Last Updated 10 January 2017

Raymond Michael Menot

(Universitas Indonesia)


Alcohol used to be closely related with crime. Alcohol-related crimes can be viewed as a complex relationship between alcohol and violence, such as a product of coexisting psychological, social, and cultural factors (Paul William, 2001). There is a strong multifactorial relationship between alcohol use and violence but it is not described as “causal” (Carcach & Conroy, 2001). It is not the alcohol who control people behavior but rather what’s in people mind that occur it. This article will discuss about the motive or cognitive system that determine the people act or behavior related with drinking alcohol in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Keywords: alcohol, violence, motive, cap tikus, manado