Inequality of Social Reality In Malaysia’s Development

Advances in communication technology, the phenomenon of identity construction and its relation to the development of a country is increasingly attracting attention and have a major impact on the development of identity in Malaysia. Individuals not only construct identities based on advances in technology, but also can construct an identity for adaptation to their technology facilities in line with the rapid development of the country. However, the preceding discussion only discuss these resources separately (according to the diversity of the field) to be possessed by individuals that enable them construct their identity. This panel will discuss this issue from various perspectives that would lead to the solution of similar problems from different fields. However, the same benchmark, an inequality of social reality essentially developed as an overall theme to this panel discussion. Inequality in social reality the next drive to a clash of views is not only different but some of them contrary to the norms of society and thinking and their social reality before the advent of social networking site until further growth in Malaysia’s development. In other words, peel the issue of identity and social reality. This allows the study of culture across time to do. Cultural change is meant not mean something bad alone but that can be measured and identified potential (Lopez & Guarnaccia, 2000; Boyd, 2004; Farquhar 2012). At the conclusion of this entire discussion found culture (in Malaysia) change because of technological development, migration and rapid urbanization. These factors brought many changes to social life when it introduced a variety of cultures and new applications that are tailored to the current needs.

Panel Coordinator:

Mohamad Fauzi Sukimi (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)


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