Panel 11


  1. Insurgent citizenship and identity politics of the six indigenous religious communities in Indonesia [Budi Hernawan & Ahmad Suaedy]
  2. Dynamics of Local Elite Struggles: Papuan Customary Council during the Third Congress of the Papuan People 2011 [I Ngurah Suryawan]
  3. The Politics of Equality and Difference: Churches, Citizenship, and Identity Politics in Flores and Papua [Cypri Jehan Paju Dale]
  4. Sense of Citizenship in North Sulawesi [Vissita Ita Yulianto]
  5. ‘There is No Citizen in Islam’: The “Alter-Nation” Politics [Aris Arif Mundayat]
  6. Cultural Identity of The Third Generation Javanese People in Kaba Wetan Bengkulu, Between Tradition and Changes [Jumhari]
  7. Identity Politics:  a Problematic Image of LGBT in the Post-Reformasi Indonesia [Irene Gayatri]
  8. Chinese Indonesians and China-Indonesia Relations: A Juxtapositions of Identity and Politics [Thung Ju Lan]
  9. Ethnic Massenrempulu in the Transformation Identity Politics and Production of Difference [Munsi Lampe]
  10. Being a “Political Chinese”: the shift of political preferences among young Chinese Indonesian in Post-Reformation Era of Jakarta [Ignatia Dyahapsari & Irfan Nugraha]