The Panels

01. Livelihood Transitions in Southeast Asia: Critical Investigations and Policy Implications (Greg Acciaioli, Dedi Adhuri, James J. Fox & Yunita T. Winarto)

02. New Law, New villages? Changing Rural Indonesia (Jacqueline Vel, J. Prio Sambodho & R. Yando Zakaria)

03. Energy Provision, Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development in Indonesia and Other Countries (Max M. Richter & Pujo Semedi)

04. Disasters, Cultural Changes and Power Relations (Muzayin Nazaruddin)

05. An Islamic Digital Divide? Exploring Islamic Interfaces of the Internet and Their (In) Equalities in Indonesia (Dayana Parvanova & Martin Slama)

06. State and the Perpetuation of Inequality in Indonesia (Rahardhika Utama)

07. Sexual Inequalities in Contemporary Indonesia: Perseverance and Alteration (Sari Damar Ratri & Gabriella Devi Benedicta)

08. Whose Authority? Ethnic and Religious Struggles for Hegemony in Indonesia (Stefani Nugroho & Yanwar Pribadi)

09. Politic of Citizenshp in Autonomy/Decentralization Era (Syarifah Ratnawati)

10. Post Reform: Localized Corruption, Inequality and Public Policy (Frenky Simanjuntak)

11. Citizenship, Identity Politics and the Production of Differences (Budi Hernawan & Ahmad Suaedy)

12. Youth and Social Lives of Chemicals (Nurul Ilmi Idrus & Anita Hardon)

13. Multiple Margins: Unpacking Inequalities in Eastern Indonesia (Tony Rudyansjah & Clare Cameron)

14. Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Southeast Asia and Beyond (Dave Lumenta & Danau Tanu)

15. The Place and Dynamics of Drinking Culture in Indonesia During the ‘Era Reformasi’ (Semiarto Aji Purwanto, Dendy A. Borman, & Raymond Michael Menot)

16. Problematizing inequality and inclusiveness of the “Masyarakat Adat”: The power-knowledge Nexus (Herry Yogaswara, Riwanto Tirtosudarmo & Fadjar I. Thufail)

17. Social and Economic Disparities in Post-Reformasi Indonesia: New or Persisting Inequalities? (Michaela Haug, Kristina Grossmann, Mia Siscawati & Suraya Afiff )

18. Panel on Medical Anthropology (Johanna Debora Imelda, Meutia F. Swasono, Sri Murni & Jajang Gunawijaya)

19. Inequality of Social Reality In Malaysia’s Development (Mohamad Fauzi Sukimi)

20. Ethnographic/Documentary Film Screening and Discussion (Tito Imanda)