15.2. Perilaku Minum Beralkohol, Penegakan Hukum & Cultural Criminology: Studi Awal Di Kota Abepura & Sekitar

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Create Date 10 October 2016
Last Updated 25 October 2016

A. Josias Simon Runturambi (Criminology, Universitas Indonesia)


Alcohol drinking behavior can not be understood apart from the culture. Meaning of alcoholic drinking behavior is constructed and formed continuously. Law enforcement drugs and alcohol so tight cause illicit trafficking in drugs and alcohol. Alcohol misuse and alcohol-related crimes can not be equated with drug crime. Cultural criminology perspective emphasize the significance of crime and criminality is different in everyday life, contradictory in the eyes of the perpetrators, politicians, criminal justice and the media. Alcohol drinking behavior has no uniform meaning, meaning alcohol drinking behavior is socially constructed is not merely the result of rational choice lawbreaker.