9.6. Power Community for Government Empowerment: Concept and Practice

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Create Date 11 October 2016
Last Updated 11 October 2016

Manshur Zikri (Forum Lenteng)


This paper aims to holistically explain the form of empowerment movement carried out by the local communities in North Lombok in response to realities of social, economics, politics and cultural in the present, particularly when the issue of tourism has become dominant in their local territory context. The movement initiated by Pasirputih (a community organization established in 2010) manifested, among others, in the form of folk festival, namely Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq, in Pemenang District, North Lombok. Reflecting on the cultural events, this paper is based on the author’s experience when engaged in organizing the AKUMASSA Chronicle Art Project in North Lombok (a collaboration project between Forum Lenteng and Pasirputih Foundation) which facilitated the implementation Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq. Adopting the idea of Arjun Appadurai’s Deep Democracy (2002) and using the Zimmerman’s analysis model on empowerment (2000), I proposed a concept of empowered society for governmental empowerment in the framework of relating it to the context of empowerment at the macro level. This paper also shows key statements about the importance of a participatory art approach as a tactical strategy to mobilize people in developing their own district.

Keywords: empowerment, art, community, democracy