9.7. Name of Development for People Welfare: A Case Study of Jatigede Dam Development in Sumedang District, West Java

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Create Date 11 October 2016
Last Updated 11 October 2016

Lina Marina (Agrarian Resources Center/ARC)
Rahmi Indriyani (Agrarian Resources Center/ARC)
Hilma Safitri (Agrarian Resources Center/ARC)


The new order era was an era where developmentalism thought has been fertilized continuously in Indonesia. It has been seen in a case of planning and implementation process of Jatigede DAM development. Since it was planned in 1960s, this project was objected to enhance national agriculture development. The Jatigede DAM is one of important projects that should be implemented. West Java, particularly in Sumedang and in surrounding areas is indentified as the most important area to support agriculture sector in Indonesia. However, this sector filled by majority people in countryside, especially who are peasants, is not a major element in this process, including in Jatigede DAM development.

By observing this project, pretexts to convince a community often done. One of practices is enforcement of people to deal with development initiatives without any complaint, and also followed by manipulation acts in the name of people. This case, especially experienced by Jatigede people, gives an inspiration for questioning about development concepts developed in Indonesia. The case that went through regime to regime, since Soekarno, Soeharto regimes, and post Reformasi 1998 era, through seeing the cases within a determination of compensation processes, it can be observed how changes or not changes of regime thought on putting the people in development processes. Besides, it is further researched a similarity or difference of regime characteristics in government in order to reach people welfare objectives. If an assumption of economic growth level will increase due to Jatigede DAM, as believed by the ruling elites of this country, is equal with people welfare? This articles explains a number of answers and logics of the questions above and, at the end, it will depict how the opposite situation happened between economic growth assumption and people welfare.

Keywords: Jatigede DAM, Welfare, Economic Growth