Panel 3


  1. “Lamp Goes Out, The Water becomes Fire”: A Case Study of Micro-Hydro Power Plant in Melawi Makmur, West Kalimantan [Nouruz Zaman Oktaby & Pujo Semedi]
  2. Problematising state-society explanations of remote-electricity issues: the case of Kai Besar, Maluku [Krisna Satya & Max Richter]
  3. Social aspects of new electricity configurations at local- and other-levels: Towards an analysis of rationales, barriers, enablers & impacts [Max Richter, Pujo Semedi, Ariel Liebman, Nouruz Oktaby, & Krisna Satya]
  4. The Evolution of Indonesian Atomic Institution, 1954-1966 [Pratama Yudha Pradheksa]