Interpretation and Action of Islamic Organizations: As Responses of Yogyakarta Earthquakes 27 Mei 2006 Nahdatul Ulama, Muhammadiyah dan Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia

Fathimatuz Zahra (STAI Pati)


Disaster was moment that always happen in the human life and produced many responses for society around them. Not only that, in the current in Indonesian disaster was happened more frequently than before, so it needs discourse about disaster. Disaster was happened in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta’s earthquakes 27 May 2006. Because of that, I have curiosity the relations between perception about disaster and society. So, discourse objects that choose related with relation with social organization based on Islam on the Yogyakarta’s earthquakes 27 May 2006. In this thesis, specifically taken interpretation and responses of three Islamic organizations there are Nahdatul Ulama (NU), Muhammadiyah, and Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI).

Every Islamic organization produced text such as fatwa, letter of legalization, or articles that circulating on the internal of they’re members. Texts that produced by Islamic organization as data of interpretation by Islamic organizations. So, this thesis will started with understanding interpretation of Islamic organization about Yogyakarta’s earthquakes based on text that they produced. After that, analyzes on the interpretation will used for looking the action responses that done by Islamic organization as application from text that they produced.

These thesis  will answered the way Islamic organization produced texts that interpreted about disaster and the application they’re interpretation on the action responses that done by Islamic organization. That interpretation produced diverse paradigms with disaster on the every religious organization. I will explore the impact of the diversity of ideology with paradigms about disaster that produced by Islamic organizations. On these thesis exploring the relations between ideology of Islamic organizations with mazhab Tafseer that used on the interpreting and action on the disaster responses.

Based on research that done, so in NU, Muhammadiyah, and MMI has different characteristics.NU that has ideology ahlus sunnah wal jama’ah, interpreting disaster as   kaffarat, with mazhab tafseer sufism. Muhammadiyah has ideology al-Maun, interpreting disaster as exam for increasing belief, mazhab tafseer that referred was contemporary mazhab tafseer amaliy. MMI has ideology textualist syari’ah, interpreting disaster as punishment,  mazhab tafseer that refereed was  fiqhi. Based on three interpretations above, so makes strategy of actions that related with interpretation. NU taken they’re action on the istighotsah, qunut nazilah with recovery transition shelter programmed,  Muhammadiyah strengthen society as victims of disaster with communality healing, and MMI with giving donation directly home by home like example from  Sayyidina Umar.

Keywords: Disaster, Islamic organization (NU, Muhammadiyah, MMI), interpretation, action, ideology, Tafseer mazhab.