Persepsi Masyarakat Terhadap Pembangunan Desa Adat di Desa Waale-Ale, Kecamatan Tongkuno Selatan Kabupaten Muna

Nimar Tunas (Universitas Haluoleo)
Isra (Universitas Haluoleo)
Wa Ode Kolombia (Universitas Haluoleo)
Ady Setiawan (Universitas Haluoleo)
Wa Ode Sifatu (Universitas Haluoleo)


The aimed of this research is to describe the perception of the villagers Wale-ale against the discourse of the government building in the village of Desa Adat Wale-ale, Kecamatan Tongkuno Selatan, Kabupaten Muna. The theory is used to read data is thought Foucault, the ethnographic method. The results showed that after the government set their village into indigenous village, indigenous people began practicing pure during the New Order practiced but relatively impure. The first step taken was to establish personal traditional authorities in the Village People. For the moment there has been no difference in the discourse between them, either orally, in writing, or in actions for personal gain all tasks in accordance with the customary village offspring. When a person who received the customary positions and said he did not understand anymore customs rules, the solution is not replaced by smart people who are not descendants but forced to learn and promise to be taught along by the crowd. There has been no contestation and conflict about the public perception Village Wale-ale against the discourse of the government to build the Village People Wale-ale. Conclusion: Traditional Desa Waale-ale will be realized in accordance with the government expected. One proof has now purchased a plot of land to build the Ha pants one Galampano Sara (traditional house where deliberation and perform traditional rituals). Theoretical implications: Foucault’s theory of discourse relative potential conflicts do not work in Desa Adat Wale-ale because although personal resisting stranded customary positions, but were refused by the public because it is the will of the people. Recommendation: The Central Government should conduct a study to see potential barriers to progress and development of three other indigenous villages in Sulawesi Tenggara nowadays are: Parigi, Lohia, and Liangkubhori Village.

Keywords: desa adat,  developments,  Wale-ale