Pesantren and Pluralism: Promoting Pluralism In Ngalah Pesantren Pasuruan East Java

Muhammad Muntahibun Nafis (IAIN Tulungagung)


Prof. James J. Fox is one of Australian scholars concern on Islamic studies in Indonesia, especially in tasawuf, pesantren (Islamic Boarding School), and Javanese studies. Pak Jim – we call him- have some Islamic scholar like Zamahksyari Dhofier dan Arif Zamhari who are studied with him and represented in pesantren dan tasawuf studies in Indonesia. Pak Jim give dept analyse about anthropology research
and one character for him is strongly understanding in kiai, islamic scholars genealogy even Javanes king like in his article about “Sunan Kalijaga and The Rise of Mataram”. This character seen in each his student who are advised Pak Jim examines islamic studies. So, Pak Jim have important constructive contribution in my research, and I can give comprehensive analyse in this research. This paper examines Islamic boarding schools (pesantren), not only religion, but also culture, politic, and society. Indonesia has 27 thousand pesantren which are important in the transformation process of modern life. Thus pesantren are not static and conservative Islamic institutions. I argue that Ngalah Pesantren in East Java has developed effective and unique strategies to change religious behavior. Ngalah has both religious and formal education and invites some non-Muslims to teach in the pesantren. It has become a center of inter-religous studies. Some non-Muslims board at the pesantren, and the pesantren leader(Kiai) gives
sermons during the Christmas ceremony. So, I can call Ngalah is pluralist pesantren because Ngalah promoting pluralism values in pesantren systemand activities.

Keywords: Pluralism, Pesantren