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Preman, Civil Society and the State: Competing or Compatible?

There is a strong perception that “preman” or free man, a local way of mentioning local gang, is something the public and the state are afraid of and, logically, neither the public or the state seeks the benefit of preman. In fact, the preman and their capability in providing a biased safety and security situation

Urban Basic Services Delivery for the Poor: Does Partnership Work in Bangladesh Cities?

Chronic shortages of basic services for the urban poor have been a common phenomenon in the developing countries. Bangladesh is no exception. Policy makers are trying to find new approaches to service delivery as conventional methods have not been successful. Partnerships in basic services have been discussing in the political discourse in Bangladesh in recent

Film Anak Jalanan dan Angan-Angan (tentang) Anak-Anak

Masa anak-anak dianggap penting dalam perkembangannya untuk menjadi “orang (dewasa)”. Ditempatkan pada posisi seperti itu, maka anak-anak menjadi pihak yang harus dididik. Di sisi lain, orang dewasa melihat (mendambakan) masa anak-anak sebagai masa bermain yang menyenangkan. Masa anak-anak dianggap tidak memiliki tanggung jawab sosial apa pun. Tentunya pandangan ini tidaklah sepenuhnya tepat, karena pandangan ini

Elephants Fight, Deer Killed in the Middle

The Indonesian film industry has a long history that can not disregard influences from other film industries. Indonesian filmmakers are expected to develop partnership with foreign film industries, to learn from movies from Hong Kong, Bollywood, and Hollywood. But not long after its heyday, the Indonesian film industry collapsed and movie theaters have been filled

Imagining Cooperation: Expectations of Interculturalism and I La Galigo

The word “interculturalism”, once it became linked to the word “performance”─ a wedding attributed to Performance Studies guru Richard Shechner to refer to the practice of overt mixing of performance forms from various cultures to fashion artistic product ─ suddenly took on the power and aura of “ theory”. The practice of cultural networking in