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List of Panel and Presentation

Epistemology, Adaptation, and Disaster Mitigation of Masyarakat Adat Nusantara

The Adaptation of Children’s Disaster Education Methods in Japan for Children in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra
Mukhlis Arifin
“Kleinhoviahospital” Sebagai Solusi Pengobatan Penyakit Scabies di Pengungsian Hunian Sementara (Huntara) Lere Pasca Bencana Gempa Bumi, Likuifaksi, dan Tsunami Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
Rismawati Rismawati, Isbon Pageno

Mobility Challenges of a Border Population in the Celebes Sea

Perempuan Pendeta di Laut Sulawesi: Sebuah Eksplorasi dalam Pelayanan Kristen di Area Kepulauan
Lidya Kandowangko
Border Policies and the Sangir’s Translocality
Amorisa Wiratri
Dari Medaseng ke Diaspora Perbatasan Indonesia-Filipina
Bordersea: Dinamika Penduduk dan Jejaring Kultural
Muhammad Nur Ichsan Azis
The Information of Historical Trade of The Talaud Island Indonesia in International Trade Routes in the Context of the ASEAN Economic Community
Maria Heny Pratiknjo, Novie Piyoh, Steven Sumolang

Interpreting the Etiology and Effects of Disasters in Indonesia: Anthropological Analyses and Interventions

The Bahodopi Community’s Strategy on Potential Disaster in The Bahodopi Mining Area, Morowali District of Central Sulawesi
Muhammad Junaidi
Resilience and Resistance: An Anthropological Critique of The Governmental Response to The 2018 Disaster (Earthquake, Tsunami and Liquefaction) in The Palu Region
Gregory (Greg) Lawrence Acciaioli, Muhammad Nasrum, Andi Akifah
Gampiri and Toponomy of Space: Cultural Practices of Disaster Preparedness in To Kaili Space and Building in Central Sulawesi
Muhammad Marzuki Marzuki
Selection of Settlement Locations: Knowledge and Local Wisdom of The To Kaili Community in Dealing With Disasters
Rosmawati, Yulianti Bakari
Interdisciplinary Collaborations to Document Local Knowledge on Disasters in Central Sulawesi
Trinirmala Ningrum
The Concept of Living Space as Local Knowladge in Disaster Mitigation Efforts of To Kaili in Palu Valley
Siti Hajar Aepu, Hapsa Hapsa, Resmiwaty Nur
Religious Modelling of a Natural Disaster: a Cultural Semiotic Analysis of The Post-disaster Emergency and Recovery Processes of The 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia
Muzayin Nazaruddin

Anthropological Responses to Gender-Based Violence in a Multidimensional Crises

Applying Anthropology to The Challenge of Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Justice
Daniel Guinness
Significance The Role of Women in The Economic System of The Farming Community in Dampal Selatan District, Toli-Toli Regency
Ikhtiar Hatta
The Shifting Discrimination to The LGBTIQ+ Groups Online: What Happens to Our National Democracy?
Fitri Ayunisa, Abdullah Faqih
“Are you Interested?”: Sexting Through Instagram in Time of Covid-19 Pandemic
Dyan Paramitha Darmayanti
Revisiting State Ibuism: Social Reproduction among Modern Indonesia Family
Mochammad Arief Wicaksono
Swimming in the Endless Sea: The Battle Against Sexual Violence on Campus
Lidwina Inge Nurtjahyo

New Developmentalism in Indonesia: Where is the Marginal?

Defining the Progress from Within the Forest
Aditya Dipta Anindita
Migration and Farmer Household Livelihood Strategies : Factors Influencing the Decision To Migrate
Rani Andriani Budi Kusumo
Social Accountability in New Developmental State: The Role of Marginals in Village Governance
Muhammad Syukri
The ”Project Affected People”: New Minority among New Developmentalism in Indonesia
Priyantono Nugroho
Health Challenges and Threats for Hunter and Gatherer

The Dynamics and Challenges of Indigenous People in Recognizing Customary Forest

The Significance and Limit of Adat Territory Recognition in Addressing the Problem of Rural Agrarian Crises: Insights from Kasepuhan Karang in Banten, Indonesia
Mohamad Shohibuddin, Eko Cahyono, Habibur Rachman, Fajar Ahsani, Sakinah Tunufus
Dynamics of Indigeneous Identity Claims: A Political Ecology Perspective
Rina Mardiana
Lesson Learn from the Verification Process of The Customary Forest in Central Sulawesi and North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
Soeryo Adiwibowo
Learning on The Process of Recognition of Customary Forest in 2016-2021
Yuli Prasetyo Nugraha
Incommensurability of Community Based Ecosytem Revitalization: Continuity and Change of Social and Justice Values in Orang Petalangan at Gondai Village in Pelalawan Riau
Tanti Budi Suryani

Berkah dan Kutukan: Retelling Environmental Narratives in Indonesia

Negotiating environmental burden? Rural-urban interface perspective on the forest ecosystem restoration project in West Java and Lombok, Indonesia
Sundjaya Sundjaya, Syarifudin Syarifudin
The Narrative of The Contemporary Hunter-Gatherer Society as The Last Frontier of Austronesian Speakers in Indonesia
Adi Prasetijo
“Good for whom?” Understanding of Forest Management and Local People’s Struggles to Gain Access to Land in Conservation Areas Case: Mount Halimun Salak National Park Corridor, West Java
Sulastri Sardjo
Mudflow Disaster and Colonized Sediments: Fractal Memory, Colonial Mutation, and the Making of the Londo Blangkon State
Fathun Karib Satrio
The Booming Commodity and the Fate of Smallholders: Varying Ways of Appropriating Cheap Labor and Cheap Land in The Indonesian Oil Palm Industry (1977-present)
Kusharianingsih C. Boediono
Reflecting on “New Rural Agenda”, Rural Areas as Objects and Entities on a High-Level Conference in Documenta15, Kassel 2022
Ika Yuliana
Rethinking the Problematic of Translating: Koroway’s Community Landscape, Southern Papua
Irfan Nugraha
Labour migration, Agricultural Vulnerability, and Climate Change Adaptation in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia
Rhino Ariefiansyah

Experiencing Crises and Life Itself: Knowledge, Metaphors, and Actions in the Multiplicity of Crises

Value and Vulnerability in Vernacular Discourses of Livelihoods in Crisis
Timo Kaartinen
How did Rumors Transform Into Knowledge and Action? Anthropological Study on Covid-19 in Maluku
Ode Zulkarnain sahji Tihurua
Living in the Ruins of the Capitalocene: Lapindo Mudflow Disaster, Climate Change from Below, and Systemic Denialism
Fathun Karib Satrio
“Tado di rumah” – The Strategic Role of Protestant Moluccan Church (Gereja Protestan Maluku or GPM) in Response to The Covid-19
Erlangga Drestanta
Who is The Storyteller? Auteur Theory’s Visual Narrative Among Digital Audience in New Normal Regarding Palm Oil Industry
Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali
Dwelling in The Uninhabitable: Notes From The Field
Marco del Gallo
Coping with Crisis of the local coastal community in West Sumatra: A Narrative Approach
Nursyirwan Effendi
Looking Like a Crisis? How Conservationist Regimes of Visibility Reproduce and Destabilise Authoritative Crisis Imaginaries in a Hutan Desa (Village Forest) in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Paul Thung
Grieving Alone: Mutuality of Being and Death in the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic
Naeni – Amanulloh
Menuju Ekologi Mapalus: Kolaborasi non-Hierarkis Lintas Agensi (manusia/non manusia) Dalam Upaya Mengatasi Krisis Ancaman Eksistens
Glenn Allen Tielung
When the Delta Covid-19 Tsunami Swept My Family : Reflections on the Anthropology of Caregiving using Islamic and Buddhist Values
Fuji Riang Prastowo
Is Vaccination the Answer? The Perception of Students from the Island of Makean on the Risk of Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Prevention
Safrudin Amin, Dewi Apriani Aco, Zulkifli
From Eruption to Pandemic: Case Study Tourism and Social Security in Kaliurang Tourist Areas Yogyakarta
Runavia Mulyasari, Gaffari Rahmadian
‘Coronial’ Investors, Pandemics crisis, and Islam: Negotiating moral anxiety in the Indonesian stock market
Mujtaba Hamdi
Perempuan Komponis: Forum & Lab; New Network and Self-Actualization
Halida Bunga Fisandra
Surviving The Crisis: The Life of Manggarai Students in Makassar During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Ans Prawati Yuliantari
Dealing with Multiple Hazards: Disaster-Prone Communities on the Slopes of Mt. Merapi During the Pandemic
Muzayin Nazaruddin, Anang Hermawan, Sus Budiharto, Noer Cholik

Plastics Production, Use and Waste: Burning Issues for Anthropology

“Merdeka Plastik”: Using Social Media to Encourage Small Pro-Environment Acts
Capitalocene: Dependence on Plastics in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods as Adaptation, Rational Choice, and the Power of Capitalism
Bianca Carissa Ananda
5 R (Ratulangi, Rakurangi, Rapake Panjili, Raolah Panjili, Ratukara, Ratolak): Plastic Waste Reduction Movement in Central Sulawesi (Challenges faced by residents and mobility planners)
Yulianti Bakari, Hasrinando Saputra L.
Plastic Waste Burning: Politics of Responsibility and The Moral Economy of Plastic Waste in Peri-urban Jakarta
Diana Teresa Pakasi
Interrogating Blame in the Plastic Discourse in the Philippines
Efenita Taqueban
Plastic Governance in The Age of The Plasticene: An Anthropological Critique of New Waste Management Policy in Indonesia.
Lukas Fort
“Dig a Hole Cover a Hole”: Self-sufficient Waste Management in Majannang Village, Maros Regency
Muhammad Izzdin Idrus, Nurul Ilmi Idrus
Plastic Addiction
Nurul Ilmi Idrus, Muhammad Izzdin Idrus
Plastic Waste in Rice Fields: Problems and their Management Strategy Plan in East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi
Anwar Anwar, Slamet Riadi
Antecedents of Zero Waste Behavior
Nur Pratiwi
Concepts, Perceptions, and Daily Activities for Handling Plastic Waste on the Jakarta Bay Coast (Case Study of Jakarta Bay Coastal Communities in Kamal Muara, North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta)
Widya Safitri
Paid Plastic Bag
Ibriati Kartika Alimuddin
“Let the Rain to Sweep Away the Garbage”: Local Waste Disposing Initiative in the Coastal Area of ​​Maros Regency
Muhammad Nurjaya
“Turning Plastic Waste into Eco-paving Blocks”: Plastic Waste Processing in Tala-Tala Pine Forest Tourism Area Maros Regency
Andi Nur Imran

Pursuit of Leisure: Reflections, Activities and Meaning of Leisure during Pandemic Covid-19

Culture Transformation in Information Technology Industry during Pandemic
Bambang Suprijanto
Love is in the App: Frustartion over Online Dating during Pandemic Covid-19
Fikri Haidar
“We Wil Always Find a Way”: Supporting Persebaya and Strengthening Solidarity in the Pandemic Time
Bayoghanta Maulana Mahardika
Economic Subjectivity and Symmetrical of Economy in Badminton Bubble System, The Pursuit of Leisure
Dina Amalia Susamto
Exploring the choice of identity during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Social Media
Hardian Eko Nurseto

Religion and Global Issues

Forgotten Sri: Ritual Model of Fertility of Sundanese Local Community at Kasepuhan Banten Kidul
Ary Sulistyo, Mohamad Maulana Magiman
She, and Her Baby, Died Too Young : Understanding the Anthropology of Death and Mourning from a Religious and Cultural Perspective during Covid-19 Pandemic
Fuji Riang Prastowo
Understanding Violence Against Jemaat Ahmadiyah Indonesia and Ways to Resolve It
Ansar Ahmad
Reconstructing Human-Nature Relations: A Response of Muslim Dayango of Gorontalo to COVID-19
Tarmizi Abbas
Coronavirus and Religious Crisis Management: A Brief Religious Reflection of the Protestant Church of Maluku (GPM)
Steve Gerardo Christoffel Gaspersz, Nancy Novitra Souisa
Science, Nationalism, and Piety; Contested Ideas in Modern Indonesia Islamic School
Qonitah Basalamah

Contested Values, Socio-Natural Rearrangement, and Infrastructural Development in The Time of Crisis

Negotiating the Burning Future: Indigenous Responses, Infrastructures, and Fire Governance in Indonesia
Sofyan Ansori
Safeguard Policy in The Infrastructure Development: Safeguarding Culture Heritage in Indonesia
Adi Prasetijo
Lako ko toe? (Does it work?)
Hestu Prahara
Disastrous Environment-Making: Lapindo Mudflow Disaster, Disaster Mega Projects and Corporation-State-Science as Nexus of Geological Forces
Fathun Karib Satrio
The Broken Dream of Neoliberal Projects: Stalled Infrastructure Development and Its Translation in Central Maluku
Geger Riyanto
Planning and Constructing Future of Indonesia’s Capital City
Manggala Ismanto
Mewujudkan Dukungan Masyarakat yang Luas (Broad Community Support) cq. Consent dalam Konteks Masyarakat Adat: Pelajaran dari Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Yando Zakaria
Questioning “Kemajuan”: Local-Global Values in Development Discourse Trajectories in North Kendeng, Central Java
Mokh Sobirin
Lambo-Mbay Dam: Discources and Site Value
Muntaza Muntaza

Neoliberalism and the ambiguity of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
Iwan Pirous, Syarifudin

Socio-cultural Foundations and Challenges of Peaceful Dialogue in Papua

Gig Politics in West Papua, Indonesia
Marlon Arthur Huwae, Jaap Timmer
Etnisitas dan Demokrasi di Tanah Papua: Politik Baku Atur
A Sudiana Sasmita
Cultural Foundations and Political Challenges for a Peaceful Dialogue Between Papua and Jakarta
Culture of Dialogue and Peace Mang, Mam Mam of Sentani Ethnic Based on Local Wisdom
Simon Abdi K. Frank, Marlina Flassy, Usman Idris

Oral Tradition Responding to Multicrises

Future History for Papuan Conflict Resolution
Susanto Zuhdi
The Impact of Covid 19 on Religious Rituals among Native Communities
Novel Lyndon, Mohd Nor Shahizan Ali
Spells and Sow Rice : How the Ngaju People Ward off Evil Spirits
Sri Murni
The Function Of Local Cultrural Resilience In Facing Multicrisis(Study On The Tountemboan Tribe In Minahasa Regancy District)
Trilke Erita Tulung
The Response of the TQN Suryalaya-Sirnarasa Manaqib Tradition to Covid 19 Pandemic
Heddy Shri Ahimsa-Putra
Meme and Pandemic Covid 19 On Stereotypes Perspectives
Daniel Kurniawan
Oral Tradition Rites amid the Tourism Industry and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Study of cultural ceremonies in Dieng, Lombok, and Sumba
Nindyo Budi Kumoro
The Role of Macapat Song in Strengthening the Younger Generation’s Character to Face Multiple Crisis in Indonesia
Esthi Nawangsasi, Sofiyah
Tradition-Narrative Reconstruction in Tourism Development of Kampung Budaya Polowijen
Siti Zurinani
An Effort to Interpret Ngalemar in Sacred Rituals to the Kanekes Indigenous People
Endin Saparudin
Tradisi lisan Meramu dan Minum Jamu: Upaya Pemertahanan Kesehatan Masyarakat Madura dan Konservasi Tanaman Rempah saat Pandemi Covid-19
Satriyati Satriyati Nana

Coastal and Marine Grabbing in Indonesia and Beyond

Principles of Recognition and Subsidiarity: Opportunities for Village Government in Protecting Small-Scale Fisheries
Beby Putri Adriansa Pane, Rayhan Dudayev, Yando Zakaria
Reclamation a la Kamal Muara: Political Recognition between State and Non-State Actors
Yosefina Anggraini
Marine, Coastal and Small Islands Agrarian Reform Movement as Policy Innovation for Conflict Resolution in Coastal Areas and Small Islands
Ari Wibowo, Pande Made Kutanegara, Agustinus Subarsono
Planned ocean Grabbing in Indonesia: Study on reclamation and sea sand mining projects in 26 Provincial Regulations for Zoning Coastal Areas and Small Islands
Parid Ridwanuddin, Fikerman Saragih
ForBALI: Understanding the actors, strategies, and the dynamics of a resistance movement against coastal grabbing in Bali
Slamet Subekti, Singgih Tri Sulistiyono, Dedi Supriadi Adhuri

Addressing Gender Inequalities and Social Exclusion Problems through Approaches of GEDSI

Elder Women in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
Pinky Saptandari
A Cup of Bitter-Sweet Relationship: Female Tea Pickers and the Tea Industry
Erna Herawati
Moving the House into the Forest: Gender Relations in Agroforestry Management in Cijambu Village, Sumedang, East Side of the Manglayang Mountains
Salma Rizkya Kinasih, Budiawati Supangkat Iskandar, Johan Iskandar

Anthropology Dealing with Multiple Health Crisis: The Use of (Traditional) Alcohol Beverages

Facing Pandemic Crisis: Local Alcohol and its Usefulness During Covid-19 in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo (Local Perspectives and Mass Media Reports)
Nono S. A. Sumampouw
Cap Tikus Drinking Circles as Enabling Spaces of Wellbeing and Practices of Collective Care in North Sulawesi
Nastasja Ilonka Roels
Cap Tikus, Health Drink among the Minahasa People
Heny Pratiknjo, Steven Sumolang, Stefanus Sampe
“To Make Our Body Fit”: The Use of Traditional Alcohol Beverages on Football Supporters in Pandemic Time
Bayoghanta Maulana Mahardika, Carolina Retmawati Putri
Tuwak as Wellness Drink in the Dynamics of Tubanese People
Pinky Saptandari, Rizkie Nurindiani
Metuakan: Culinary Tradition of the Bali People in Puri Agung Karangasem Environment

Agrarian Aspects of the Peatland, a Challenge to the Agrarian System in Indonesia

Streak of Dispossession: Peatland Restoration, Carbon Trading, and Metabolic Rifts in Central Kalimantan
Muhammad Izzuddin Izzuddin Prawiranegara
Peat areas, aquaculture, and transmigrant in Pasangkayu regency, West Sulawesi
Hilma Safitri, Andi Mappatunru
Socio-economic Dynamics of Transmigrants and Dayak Communities on the Peatland Areas in Malinau, North Kalimantan
A Syatori, Siti Latifah
Tilling the Peatland: The Transition of Coastal Community Towards Land-based Accumulation in Bakongan, South Aceh
Muhammad Syafiq, Quadi Azam
Agrarian Source of Peatland Degradation: Origin, Condition and Solution- The Case at Riau. Sumatra, Indonesia
Kosuke Mizuno
Agrarian Structure Change and Rural Communities Resilience Around the Peatland Conservation Area in Central Mahakam, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Bayu Eka Yulian, Toni Nurhadi Kumayza, Saparwadi Saparwadi
Social Resilience and Agrarian Relation in Peatlands Rural
Hilma Safitri, Myrna A Safitri
The Future of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Tanjung Api Api in Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra and the Impact on Communities and Sembilang National Park
Dewi Dwi Puspitasari Sutejo
Big Promise, Small Impact: Tenurial Claims and Community Development in Targeted Peatland Restoration Area in South Sumatera
Dianto Bachriadi
Peatland Sustainability: Analysis of Ecological, Agrarian, and Socio- Economic Aspects of Agriculture in Tanjung Jabung Barat, Jambi
Rina Mardiana

Social Forestry Crisis in the Realm of KHDPK (Forest Area with Special Management) in Java

Critical Ethnographic Study in The Management of Social Forestry Business Groups (KUPS) in Tuban Regency of East Java Province
Mohammad Adib, Rustinsyah Rustinsyah, Prasetyo Ratna Azis

Collaboration to Bridge Gaps between Academic and Applied Anthropology: Where are We Now? And, Where are We Heading to?

Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM): Connecting Academics and The Outside World
Erna Herawati
Change without Ideology, the Stereotyping of the Social Science
Widjajanti M. Santoso
Community-based Research/Activism/Advocacy for Social-ecological Rehabilitation in The Aftermath an Industrial Hazard
Anton Novenanto
The Anthropology of Tomorrow; A Perspective on How Anthropologist Can Contribute to Business World.
Nastiti Dewanti Basudewa

Cultural Resilience and ke-Indonesiaan in the Border Communities

Eha, the Persistent Tradition of Natural Resource Management in the Talaud Islands in the Indonesia-Philippines Border Area
Steven Sumolang
Tari Tebe Penguat Identitas Kelokalan dalam Upaya Pembangunan Kebudayaan Berkelanjutan
I Gusti Ngurah Jayanti
Strengthening the Cultural Resilience of Border Crossing Communities in Talaud Regency
Heny Pratiknjo, Rully Mambo, J.E.T. Mawara
Tondanese Food
Rina Palisuan Pamantung
Ratumbanua Customary Institution, Encouraging Community Participation in Village Development in the Indonesian Border Region, Study in Bulude Village, Kabaruan Island, Talaud . Regency
Stefanus Sampe, Neni Kumayas
Ratumbanua as A Atrategic Institution in Cultural Resilience and Indonesian Identity in The Talaud Border Area
Stefanus Sampe, Neni Kumayas, Grace Waleleng