1.5. Kepengaturan dan Resistensi dalam Rantai Pasok Industri Pangan: Studi Kasus Rantai Pasok Gula Kelapa Pangandaran

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Create Date 10 October 2016
Last Updated 10 October 2016

Rahmad Efendi (Komunitas Antronesia)


Coconut sugar is a commodity from Pangandaran District that has entered in the soy sauce industry. The industry has been changed the mode of production of coconut sugar, from subsistence to becoming part of the food industry that demands the efficiency of production, uniformity of quality standards, input of various knowledge and new technologies, as well as a very large capital turnover. It has transformed the tappers, as the coconut sugar producers into becoming mere means of production in a context of the exercise of powers, in accord with the model of governmentality, by the soy sauce company against the tappers. At the same time, the power relation is a productive process that has led to the growth of critical awareness of the tappers, who are engaging now in resistence to the operation of governmentality. This case induces a rethinking of  food sovereignty as a policy based upon the independence of food producers in their production activity.

Keywords : Coconut Sugar, Supply Chain, Govermentality, Resistence, Food Sovereignty