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ANTROPOLOGI INDONESIA, the journal formerly published under the name BERITA ANTROPOLOGI (with its registered ISSN 0126-1576) was published by the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia. The staff and students who were involved in preparing the first publication of this journal were among others: Prof. Koentjaraningrat, Prof. Dr. Parsudi Suparlan, Prof. Harsja W. Bachtiar, and Prof. Dr. James Danandjaja. Throughout the years the editors have derived much pleasure and satisfaction from preparing every issue, and have faced as much hardship as well. Since the early days of 1969 — when the first issue was published in mimeograph to a limited readership — the journal has strived to reach its readers despite its many shortcomings. From that time, the staff and students of the Department of Anthropology and other departments in the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia could take advantage of the publication of the articles significantly related to their studies and works.

In line with the shift of the Department of Anthropology from the Faculty of Letters to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in 1983, the management of the journal was also moved to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, under the responsibility of the Department of Anthropology. In its 20th jubilee in September 1989, from the edition of no. 47, the name of this journal: Berita Antropology was changed to Jurnal ANTROPOLOGI INDONESIA. At the same time, the editor of the journal built up a collaboration with LP3ES, Lembaga Penelitian, Pengembangan dan Pendidikan Ekonomi Sosial (LP3ES). LP3ES helped the editors improving the performance and lay-out of the journal and distributing the journals in its marketing network, while the editors were responsible with the publication of the volumes. For quite a long time, the University of Indonesia Press (UI-Press) had assisted the editors in publication.

In the last three decades, the editors have tried all their best to keep the journal in publication and circulation, even though in a very limited circle of readers: the faculty staff, students and scholars of anthropology and related sciences. ANTROPOLOGI INDONESIA was the only journal in Social and Cultural Anthropology in Indonesia which received accreditation from the Directorate General of Higher Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1996. Facing the constraints and problems in financing the journal, the editors applied for grants from the Toyota Foundation for the year 1999-2001. By considering the need to improve the circulation and distribution of the journal, the editors signed a collaboration with Yayasan Obor Indonesia in 1999 to assist the editors in publication, as well as in distribution and marketing.

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