17.5. Pathways to social inclusion: addressing social and economic disparities in Indonesia today

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Create Date 10 October 2016
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Angie Bexley (Asia Foundation)


Social exclusion, in particular resulting from stigma and discrimination, as a key factor in persisting inequality leading to chronic poverty was identified by the Government of Indonesia in 2010. Program Peduli is a unique Government of Indonesia program that promotes social inclusion as a pathway out of poverty. The program works with six main socially excluded communities; vulnerable children and youth; remote and indigenous communities reliant on natural resources; discriminated religious minorities; victims of gross human relations; transgender and people with disabilities. The program uses a distinctive approach in supporting CSOs to respond to the local and specific contexts in order to shift power relations that govern access to resources and economic opportunities. This presentation will discuss the types of exclusion experienced across these marginalized groups and some of the approaches that CSOs have deployed to address social stigma and discrimination.