17.8. Markets and Development Post-Earthquake: A Portrayal of Traditional Market Space Distribution Inequality Increasing in Padang, West Sumatra

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Create Date 10 October 2016
Last Updated 10 October 2016

Zusmelia (STKIP PGRI West Sumatera)
Firdaus (STKIP PGRI West Sumatera)


In recent years, social and economic researchers have spent considerable efforts investigating the impact of Sumatera Earthquake to socio-economic climate in Pasar Raya Padang. Both of them found the development policy of Padang city government is prime resources that impacted the socio-economic climate. Rehabilitation and reconstruction policy after quake reflects injustice market economic space for traders. The impact is the economic space uncertainty for traders who traded in the market previously. The impact of economic space uncertainty is clutter market space and trader inability to survive to them economics in family needs fulfill. This study finds empirical supports to the increasing market place distribution inequality in Pasar Raya Padang caused by development policy of city government. The result is economic space distribution inequality continued to rise since the quake. Although there have mediation agreement between government and traders mediated by Human Right Commission of Republic Indonesia, but the development not indicate to fulfill the mediation agreement points.