9.4. The Involution of Donggala: The Splitting Area and A Setback of the Oldest Regency in Central Sulawesi

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Create Date 11 October 2016
Last Updated 11 October 2016

Riefky Bagas Prastowo (Yayasan Interseksi)


This paper will discuss about the involution that occured in Donggala, Central Sulawesi. Donggala is the oldest district in Central Sulawesi with Banawa as its capital. The local residents often called Banawa as Donggala City. The involution that occured in Donggala caused by decline of activities in Donggala Port. The trigger of deterioration is characterized when the most of the harbour activities moved to the Pantoloan Port in Palu. The citizen of Donggala have a hope for the revitalization of Donggala Port. In addition, the local government has declared a city tagline as “Donggala Kota Niaga (Donggala as the commerce city)” that supported by the economic activity in Donggala Port. Both of the citizen and local government have an expectation to restore the port. However, there are currently no activities in the port that can support the people welfare. The decentralization era also have a influence to involution in Donggala because there are several region that split from Donggala. This condition caused the stagnation, even an involution, in Donggala. The question is, what are the structural problems and objective condition that curb Donggala in involution? To answer this question, I have conducted a research through the literature review, interviewing the key informants, and observation in Donggala for more or less two months.

Keywords: citizenship, involution, city, Donggala, decentralisation